5 reasons to choose to study abroad with gmg

1. Staff are qualified with expertise, rich in practical experience, professional and thoughtful
100% of the consultants are highly educated, master's have studied abroad in Japan, Korea, China, and Taiwan ... possessing practical experience and good knowledge. subject. In addition, the team of overseas study consultants have vocational certificates issued by the Hanoi Academy of Education Management, issued by the Ministry of Education. Our staff can also take part in international, qualified and certified courses on study abroad counseling.

2. 99% visa rate

When doing a student visa service at our company, parents and students are always updated with the latest information about visas from different countries as well as receive meticulous and dedicated guidance from a team of experienced consultants. experience. Our student visa service is rated by customers as one of the best services compared to other study abroad agencies.

3. We are the admissions representative of many colleges and universities around the world

We have officially become the admissions representative of many prestigious universities and colleges in the world, with quality accreditation, diverse tuition fees depending on the needs and financial ability of each individual, family. . In particular, we also own a lot of scholarship information at all levels from high school to graduate. Therefore, using the study abroad consulting services at our company gives customers a lot of extremely diverse and rich choices that can satisfy all learning needs.

4. Ensuring more stable and high income jobs for students

With a diverse system of affiliates and a safe working environment, we ensure to create more high-income job opportunities for students studying in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. .

5. Attentive and dedicated service
What parents and students always mention when talking about our study abroad counselors is their dedication, enthusiasm and thoughtfulness. With expertise and dedicated advice, we have brought many students to study abroad successfully. Not only that, we also provide support that lasts until the end of the course.