Provides intensive exam preparation courses for learners wishing to study abroad or work in businesses having Mandarin as the primary communication medium. In addition, we have in-house developed software to help learners speed up their learning process and save time and money.

Lecturers at GMG Vietnam Language Center are 100% graduated from top foreign language universities in Vietnam and China. All lecturers have university or higher education in foreign language majors and equipped with pedagogical experience.

Following the success of our offline courses, GMG Vietnam Chinese Language Center organizes quality and effective Chinese online courses to meet the individual needs of each student.


Our study abroad consultancy services include:

- Advice on choosing country, school and major to study abroad: Based on your education level, language ability, degree, work experience, financial ability, entry requirements of the course you want, GMG Vietnam will advise so that you reach the most suitable decision.

- Prepare foreign language before studying abroad: If you do not yet have the language skills and certificate required by the school, we will support you to learn more foreign languages at our company and register for you to take the exam certificate required.

- Apply to study abroad: GMG Vietnam will guide you to prepare your application and send the application to the school on your behalf. The invitation letter will be sent through GMG Vietnam to the students.

- Apply for scholarships: Depending on your field of study, the school you are applying to and your academic ability, we will guide you to complete your application for scholarships and participate in the scholarship interview with the school.

- Tuition fee payment: GMG Vietnam will guide you in transferring tuition fees to your school and do the necessary procedures for you to officially have a place to study at the school.

- Apply for a student visa: We will guide you to prepare your visa application according to the requirements of the visa office, fill out the necessary forms, pay visa fees and closely monitor the progress of your visa.

- Guide and register for health examination in Vietnam: Some countries require students to have a health examination before issuing a student visa. We will guide you through the best preparation for your checkup and schedule your checkup.

- Provide practice for student visa interview: We will teach you how to answer honestly and confidently with the visa office staff if you need to participate in the interview.

- Airport pick up and drop off and accommodation arrangements: While waiting for your visa approval, we will help you to book accommodation, book air tickets, and schedule your pick up and drop off at Vietnamese and foreign airports.

- Soft skills training for prospective international students: You do not know how to cook? Do not know money management? Afraid of communicating with strangers? Haven't envisioned the method of studying abroad… we will help you prepare these essential skills.

- Pre-departure guidance: Once you have been issued a student visa, you will be scheduled to attend a briefing on what to and not to do when you go abroad, including practical information such as living environment, learning environment, learning methods, regulations of the host country on international students, part-time jobs, peers in the destination...

- Support when you are studying abroad: GMG Vietnam supports students during their time studying abroad, you only have to contact us whenever you need help: transfer money, transfer schools or courses, counselling on subjects, disciplines, part-time ...

- Provide guidance for parent visit: Parents of international students will always be served with care when they need to visit/communicate with their children overseas.

For more information, please contact the Admissions Office of GMG Vietnam Company Limited

Address: No. 11, Lane 196, Phu Dien Street, Bac Tu Liem District, Hanoi.


Hotline: (024) 710.99.777-0961.09.29.29



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