10 basic job-hunting tips for new graduates

10 basic job-hunting tips for new graduates

Post by admin /22/08/2020

New graduates often find it difficult to choose a suitable job. USNews page has introduced 10 most basic job search tips to help students avoid surprise in the process of conquering the first job.

(1) Start looking for work early
Many students want to take a few months off after graduation, but they don't realize that finding a job often takes quite a bit of time. The recruitment process can take months, especially for candidates who do not have much experience. Therefore, graduates should start the job hunting process as early as possible.

(2) Put all work experience on CV
New graduates can remove from their CV experiences that are not relevant to the job they are applying for. However, for those with too little work experience, including all of them on a resume can help the recruiter see some of the candidate's skills, such as the ability to communicate with customers or miscellaneous. teamwork god ...

(3) Do not follow all advice
If you only rely on family and friends to guide your work, that's a disadvantage. The job market changes over time and parents may not be aware of today's most effective job hunting process. Meanwhile, friends may not have much experience when they themselves are looking for jobs. So, consult your family and friends for advice selectively. New graduates should seek more information and opinions from experts, teachers and books ...

(4) Do not apply to every position you find
Job seekers often feel impatient, so they are willing to send their resume to every company that has a recruitment program. In fact, what you really should do is set basic standards for a job that's right for you, then only apply for jobs that meet that standard. Also, you should not send an identical resume to all employers.

(5) Expanding career opportunities
Applying for any position is not recommended. However, it is not wise to narrow the scope of the job to a certain position, company or field. Expand career opportunities for yourself, that will help the job search process faster.

(6) Do not deny internships just because you are no longer a student
Many students after graduating think that they cannot work as interns. But this could be your chance to gain more experience while continuing to look for a full-time job. In addition, if you complete the internship well, many of you will be recruited into full-time staff.

(7) Make use of relationships
Using relationships has always been seen as a quick and effective way to find a job. This is especially true of new graduates who lack work experience and job hunting. Friends, colleagues or managers at the former internship… can all be the ones who provide great job opportunities.

(8) Practice interview
Take the time to prepare and practice interview questions. First-time employees will have very little experience, so prepare as much as possible before the interview.

(9) Professionalism
Managers want to see professional staff, not college students. Therefore, candidates who demonstrate maturity and professional manners will be more likely to score in the eyes of employers.

(10) Don't be afraid
The job search process can take months or even years. However, do not worry too much. That is the case many people encounter, especially in today's economy.