Quang Ninh granted investment certificates “super speed” for 2 projects of nearly 6,000 billion VND

Quang Ninh granted investment certificates “super speed” for 2 projects of nearly 6,000 billion VND

Post by admin /17/07/2023

Quang Ninh Provincial People’s Committee has just held a ceremony to award investment registration certificates for 2 projects (FECV Foxconn Quang Ninh Factory and Foxconn Quang Ninh FMMV Factory) of Foxconn Singapore PTE LTD in Song Khoai Industrial Park (Town City). Quang Yen).

Both projects are granted the Investment Certificate within 12 working hours from the time the investor submits the online application through the provincial public service portal (shortening the processing time by 14 working days compared to the time of the investor). regulations).

FECV Foxconn Quang Ninh factory project has an area of ​​6.3ha, total registered investment capital of over VND 4,755 billion (equivalent to USD 200.24 million) with the goal of forming a project of manufacturing and assembling electrical components electronics, electric charger, electric vehicle charge controller. It is expected that in January 2025, the project will be completed, put into official production and will bring regular jobs for nearly 1,200 workers.

Foxconn Quang Ninh FMMV Factory Project has an area of ​​4.1ha, total investment of nearly 1,100 billion VND (equivalent to 46 million USD) with the goal of manufacturing, processing components, molds and components of public products. information technology and communication products. It is expected that in October 2024, the project will be completed, put into operation and employ over 700 employees.

According to the appraisal report of the Economic Zone Authority of Quang Ninh Province, the research and implementation of 2 projects has been professionally, methodically and cautiously carried out by Foxconn Singapore.

The implementation of the issuance of Investment Registration Certificates for 2 projects has been ensured by the Management Board of the Provincial Economic Zone and related departments, branches and localities in accordance with the process and order of handling administrative procedures and shorten the processing time by 14 working days compared to regulations.

A representative of Foxconn Group in Vietnam said that after 16 years of development and investment in Vietnam, Quang Ninh is the province that the Group chooses to deploy important production projects. This has been carefully calculated by the Group based on natural, socio-economic conditions and also local management and direction capacity, especially when Quang Ninh has had 6 consecutive years leading the list. PCI ratings.

At the same time, the investor’s representative also expressed his gratitude and appreciated the service spirit and working performance of the province when the investment license was completed within 12 hours. This result will continue to prove that Quang Ninh has been and will be a safe, reliable and attractive destination for investors.

In order to shorten administrative procedures but still ensure compliance with regulations and legal processes, over the years, Quang Ninh province has effectively, synchronously and actively implemented the contents of administrative reform. in which, always emphasize the issue of improving the quality of service to people and businesses.

The Quang Ninh provincial government regularly directs the organization, dialogue, and removal of obstacles and difficulties of people and businesses to capture the people’s thoughts, aspirations and lives, and help the authorities at all levels to solutions to overcome the shortcomings, limitations, and further improve the quality of service to the people.

By 2023, Quang Ninh has had 10 years to evaluate the PAR index and 6 years to evaluate the satisfaction measurement index. What the whole Quang Ninh government system can do is “dare to see the truth”, focus on comprehensive administrative reform with determination to successfully implement many new models and ways of doing things.

In 2022, Quang Ninh conquered the leading position of the country for the second time in all 4 PAR indexes (PCI, PAPI, PAR Index and SIPAS), the first time being in 2020).

In which, 6 consecutive years (2017-2022) held the position of Champion of Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI); 5 years leading the Public Administration Reform Index (PAR Index); 4 years leading the ranking of the Index of People’s Satisfaction with the Service of State Administrative Agencies (SIPAS)…