New regulations on the management of industrial parks and economic zones are expected to bring a breath of fresh air

New regulations on the management of industrial parks and economic zones are expected to bring a breath of fresh air

Post by admin /08/10/2021

The new decree on management of industrial zones and economic zones (replacing Decree 82/2018/ND-CP) is expected to bring a new wave of investment in Vietnam. However, many argue that there should be more preferential policies for investors in industrial parks and economic zones.

In the recent seminar for soliciting opinions on new regulations held by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the opinions of investors from various industrial and economic zones focused on the scale of industrial zone construction and workers’ housing.

The representative of Becamex Industrial Investment and Investment Corporation believes that the control of the construction scale of industrial areas to 500 hectares in Article 8 of the new regulations (draft) is inconsistent with the provisions of the Investment Law, the Land Law and the party and the state’s propositions. policy. The law encourages companies to adopt various measures to expand the scale of operations and improve operational effects. Infrastructure in the industrial zone is a preferential investment area. Therefore, it is inappropriate to propose this provision in the draft.

Nguyen Thi Bich Lien, general manager of Nghe An Industrial WHA Industrial Zone Joint Stock Company, said that the demand for land lease in Vietnam's industrial zone is increasing, and the scale of requirements is increasing. Therefore, it is necessary to create convenient conditions for the development of large enough industrial zones to attract more domestic and foreign investors.

In addition, workers, especially immigrant workers, are in high demand for housing. However, it is facing obstacles in the policy mechanism. Workers desperately need their own space and a higher quality of life. This is the first priority for investors to choose to build a factory in an industrial zone. Therefore, the delegates believed that the social housing, labor employment and other issues should be supplemented when carrying out projects in various industrial zones in various places. It is necessary to update and reformulate the construction and investment standards for social housing and workers’ housing to ensure that practices conform to social development trends.

Delegates believed that in order to promote the sustainable development of industrial and economic zones and create convenient conditions for investment promotion, the government, various departments and localities should pay attention to measures to reduce administrative procedures for investors and enterprises.

As of May 2021, there are 394 industrial zones in Vietnam, covering an area of ​​121,900 hectares, of which 286 are already in operation, and the occupancy rate of enterprises in these industrial zones has reached 71.8%.